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Focusing on Higher Ed Marketing as Enrollment Continues to Decline

Focusing on Higher Ed Marketing as Enrollment Continues to Decline

Graduation enrollment in the United States dropped for the seventh consecutive year. Cited for reasons of low birth rate to low unemployment rates, but competition is clearly increasing, and universities are no longer able to rely on traditional marketing methods to engage potential students.

Marketing Marketing talked with Megan Danielson, Vice President of Marketing, in collage education about some of the new strategies to overcome these changing forces.

Danielson has 14 years of experience in higher education, and has created a career in creating sophisticated digital tactics and market solutions for academic clients.

He leads the responsible team to help clients in branding and creativity through SEO in digital advertising, website strategy, conversion rates and college.

There are definitely some exciting dynamics in the drama. Due to low unemployment, increasing competition and changes in student preferences, institutions need to do more to attract the attention of students.

Indeed, many changes have to be made with the preferences of consumer communication. If you are thinking about your decision-making behavior – how to use your mobile for 10 years when you make a purchase or research – some of these priorities should be clear: small content Multiple contact points and contract.

Mobile phone ready web page. Simplified web experience As consumers’ mobile needs increase, consumer-centered marketing experience for small screens is now essential.

Apart from this, enterprises should have their own brand identity and should understand what is the difference between them.

With the “Online, Quality and Flexibility” programs, everyone wants that students want to know something different from you – they match your values ​​- and you have to distribute it within three seconds of coming to your website.

As a prospective student, like any other modern consumer, experiments want to be free from friction, relevant and specific. Most universities allow their internal processes and functional silo to determine the experience of their customers rather than the opposite.

Some steps that students need to start now are not compatible with the desired results. Students should not only provide birth date in prototype such as personal information to begin the conversation.

Instead, it should be a simple, unified process that has already been created keeping in mind the student.

Example of another query form found on the thank you page. As an industry, we were very excited to generate inquiry so that we focus on the model and forget about what happens after sending potential student clicks.

Nothing is a missed opportunity. Is it really that you want to offer someone your organization? This is a simple thanks and it is a step to show that the process has started, appreciates and helps to increase enthusiasm.

It is amazing to me that how much concentration is still in high marketing by purchasing listings and paid media.

These strategies come in large amounts, but they do not necessarily bring quality applicants or make permanent improvements in productivity.

The organization’s website is the primary source of trademark participation and registration.

If you do not transfer your brand and direct students through the registration process on your website, you can not take advantage of any of your marketing for its benefit.

The first step is to understand the need of a potential student, align your brand and separate the program. Do not use catalogs or educational materials only to fill your marketing and major registration assets.

You have to start thinking about communication from its perspective. For website delivery, this means filtering your webpages, moving the main piece of information quickly and deciding what action you want to take.

Stay tuned about meeting the needs of the students and building their website to meet these needs through content and design.

Most organizations manage their website for many owners.

When your website contains input from faculty, deans, alumni and current students, it makes it easy to engage with core audiences (prospective students, current students, academics).

Universities need to change their thinking to show how their content meets these needs.

Knowing your data and understanding, who will come to your site and design it, will make a lot of difference.

In Colleges, we focus on the whole search period to help identify and navigate the unique university audience and engage the best combination of information on their homepage to serve many audiences engaging with potential students. Are.

In fact, universities have data everywhere – they are only in Silos. To reach a long-term victory, you need to make a connection to the data that you need to tell the kind of students you need to follow.

How to set up a product page design for e-commerce success

How to set up a product page design for e-commerce success

Amazon, eBay, Shopiff and other online markets offer unprecedented opportunities for market products for a wide range of consumers. However, competition is fierce. There are over 350 million products listed on the Amazon site alone.

As the number of vendors and products increases on these platforms, the design of individual product web pages becomes more important.

In fact, Forbes is considered number one demand factor for successful online sales. Amazon offers different vendor options to sell vendors to product catalogs, such as core content, A + content, or Enhanced brand content (EBC).

Despite these options, most companies are still unsure how to create an effective online customer experience at the individual product and sub-brand level.

In a marketing journal, a new study seeks to empower companies to design high sales pages with a practical guide and toolkit, which is ultimately leading to ranking and group leadership.

For this, our research team has collaborated with a special online content agency and four Fortune 1000 companies of various industries to create and operate large scale field trials, studied 16 products of 11 brands and created 256 unique models “Amazon-like” was similar to product pages.

Using our own testing design methodology of Taguchi, we came to know that to influence purchasing, 13 elements of online design for multi-dimensional customer experiences and how to optimize these experiences based on the products or brands sold.

The main points include

First of all, the data of 16 laboratory experiences extend the insights of online customer experiences and identify four dimensions – information science, entertainment, social presence and sensory appeal – which act as the main mechanism through which the design element Purchase affects.

Second, uncertainty about the offered product (due to its focus on research versus experience) and affect the effect of the customer’s experience on the seller’s trademark (due to trust) purchase.

Using real product pages on Amazon.com, we used a field that tells laboratory results that search products benefit from a more useful experience, but experience products benefit from a more social experience.

We create two-way “design guides” for online clients, in which web design is increasingly important with practical tips for marketers to organize strategically designed elements to create an effective online experience in the market. Our design guide includes the following:

First of all, vendors should identify the most useful experience, based on the search of product vs. experience for selling and reliability of the brand. The measures we use can help companies to gather this information from existing and potential customers.

Second, companies should take advantage of product and brand knowledge and implement a design guide to choose relevant design elements for web pages of their products. for example:

To make a more useful experience, bullet-proof features are 83% stronger than any other experiment, while comparison matrix is ​​62% more effective, and descriptive details are 54% more effective. Recommendation agents are 150% more effective.

More social experiments should be created using the language style of conversation and lifestyle patterns, of which 139% and 134% are more effective in making it than any other experiment.

Sensitive experiments are also useful and product videos and product can be made through crops, which are 106% and 29% more stronger than any other experiment.

In addition, companies should keep in mind the customer experience while assessing their current digital assets.

Managers are often hypothetical for logic, which suggests that if a company has a design element in digital inventory, then it should be used on the page (better method).

However, we show that some design elements can stimulate adverse customer experiences for specific products or brands.

Therefore, an essential part of the process is to determine which items should not be used. If the company does not already have some design elements then our design guide indicates where to invest, to produce valuable new elements.

For example, investing in high-quality images can benefit from any product or brand, but the most suitable quantitative and linguistic detail depends on the type of product (focusing on search versus experience).

Our design guides can also inform contract negotiations between vendors and retailers. Many retailers offer premium content options that require additional financial investment from vendors.

For example, Amazon offers several multi-level categories (like A + or A + premium) which provides access to more design elements or configurations. For some products, these investments provide access to essential design elements.

Electric scooter rider changed the flawless cross-highway lane during Rush Hour

Electric scooter rider changed the flawless cross-highway lane during Rush Hour

Should Electric Motorcycles be allowed on highways? Not clearly, you can say. With speed at the speed of 15 miles per hour, it is a recipe for genocide around the brains of cyclists.

But what about the hours crushing the soul hours? However, it is clear that he does not argue in all possibilities. Regardless of the times of the day, sending a small motorcycle to highway visitors is a harmful and dangerous concept.

Texas Government Greg Abbott agrees with you, which is good for almost any purpose as a rethink hypothesis.

Do you have to cancel the donor’s rule for a few seconds, I would like to clarify to you that the change of five-lane by Lam motorcycle during I-35 during the crowd in Dallas is innocent, as stated in Fox 4.

The first thing is that the speed of viewers varies rapidly at any time compared to the scooter.

If you come closer, any driver loaded faster than a motorcycle rider criticizes his brake after bumper with the bumper with cars on the entrance, indicating that vehicles in the vehicle How will it work safely?

In fact, if all cars and pickup trucks come up frequently, I suspect that this clear time limit will be more than 15 mph due to the peak hour, and the peak owl must suck.

Let’s get a credit score for the situation at the cost of this cyclist. At what level it is almost clear. Take a look at this easy maneuver, which is clear from one lane to another. He checks his shoulders and moves it forward. Perform without errors.

Of course, our reputed motorcycle riders violate the law and, most importantly, service phrase approved by Lime, Here in Galapani, we do not advocate breaking the law or being harmful on the road, yet we call for summaries when legal guidelines are serious and should be amended.

I have to say, before watching this video, I fully agree that electric scooters are not related to highways.

Now However, I say motorcycles are not related to highways, but I’m not sure that I was the first to do now. It may be that riding a donkey is on one thing.

The first thing you notice is that the speed of traffic is faster than the scooter.

If you are watching closely, then any driver moves faster than the biker immediately after reaching the bumpers in front of the vehicle, which lacks complete knowledge about running your vehicle safely in traffic Indicates.

In fact, if all the cars and trucks are moving at the average speed of the speed, I suspect at this point that they will be more than 15 miles per hour, because they run hours and suck peak over .

Let’s be credited for this scooter. At any moment it becomes almost clear. Look at that simple maneuver, clean slide from lane to lane. He examines his shoulders and makes his movements. Perform without errors.

Yes, the reputed motorcycle drivers are breaking the law and most importantly the terms of service accepted with Lime.

Here in Gallup, we do not advocate breaking the law or being dangerous on the road, but we defend critical thinking when the laws are bad and it needs to be changed.

I have to say, before watching this video, I fully agree that electric scooters are not related to highways.

Now I still say that motorcycles are not related to highways, but I am not a bit more specific about them as much as I used to be. It may be that this silly riders are on the point.

Pro gamers train for 15 hours a day in South Korea

Pro gamers train for 15 hours a day in South Korea

For many people, the concept of income, in which the experts are living, seems like a dream has come true. With unlimited access to modern gaming platforms and unlimited peripherals.

Pay for playing video games throughout the day, winning a large amount of prizes looks great on paper to compete in the world championship, and jets around the world There is a possibility of a game.

However, the fact is that some players leave duty, because it requires unreliable dedication, dedication and perseverance to call for a professional’s lifestyle every day.

We all have a favorite break which we like to go back and forth, but at this time you almost need to dedicate this title to this time, this tour is 80 hours a year, very short For the time?

To get an idea of ​​the highest level of skillful games you want to become a contender, we traveled to Seoul to visit GenG headquarters in South Korea, which is for some people who win the World Video Game Championship.

There is a worldwide sports group. Like the League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and PUBG – this is what we have searched for.

Play hard

In South Korea, e-Sports is referred to as the Mecca of many people by rural, skilled sports is an important institution. In the beginning of this year, GenG earned $ 46 million in football funding, Hollywood star William Smith was counted in good number of merchants.

Formerly known as KSV Esports, GenG (Fast Technological Games) was established in 2017 and since then has expanded its access to workplaces in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

It consists of 11 full groups (with three academic groups) and is ranked seventh in Forbes’s top sports institutes list.

Upon reaching the company’s headquarters, in which there is a masonry seven-storey concrete building, it became clear that it does not matter whether a pro-game organization, GenG was not here to roam – they were killing the ass and Were taking tournaments.

Fully Furnished

As soon as our earth-to-earth journey begins, we can combine with gaming computers, with the number of stylized, crowded rooms and high performance video cards, SSD and water cooling methods, such as all high performance indoor games.

Be amazed. RGB light is similar to the expected rainbow and brand G. Esports.

Despite the complete notebooks limit through the creation process, we were stunned to know that being the owner of microprocessors, through the expert’s views, is more important than being the latest GPU.

Jinn Gin, commander of the group, says, “All instruments are really necessary, but I say that keyboard and mouse pad can be important because they are like weapons of combat.” , Which was further determined by its player title, Cuvee.

In a short time, we learned from Cuvee that issues such as luxury gaming chairs and ultra-wide display are far more luxurious than the requirement.

“For the chair, as long as it is comfortable, it is useful, and for the screen, as long as I can find out what is going on, it is useful.”

We want a montage

In fact, you should be comfortable, looking at the amount of games played by geng games every day. To give us an idea, Que leads us through an average day in the life of Team Leader General Jee.

“As soon as I wake up, I wash my own breakfast, then start training immediately till lunch, break lunch and then sit for an hour or two, then my afternoon Training starts, which lasts until dinner time. Other until I go to sleep. ”

Jinhong’s gaming division co-observer Zihun Lee confirms this claim. “On average, during a session, [players practice] 12 to 15 hours a day, off-season, they train for at least eight hours a day.”

Occasionally, players arrive at Gen.G headquarters in the morning, and usually start a training tour in the back. It usually progresses well before 1 o’clock.

In fact, players should use this time to practice the game that they strictly follow, which means that you will not be able to find them because they follow different titles in the working hours.

“I have strict coverage to oppose it, for example, whenever players are in this setting during training, they have to stay in place of their expertise, but in fact they.The matter is that they are on a journey or if they are at home. ”

“Logic is the result for this coverage because the games are out of the ceremony, and if you are considering.

LIV raises VR gaming to viewers $ 1m from startup, Oculus installer

LIV raises VR gaming to viewers $ 1m from startup, Oculus installer

LIV, a Prague based company that wants to make VR games more enjoyable, and in close proximity with portable games and audiences, found $ 1 million in funding.

This is a fairly modest height as far as the unprecedented new precursor moves – and LIV is really unprecedented. However, there are notable names in the record of supporters, because Oculus’s founding father (and designer Oculus Rift), Palmer Lucky.

Various buyers of Liv Yaroslav Beck, CEO of Beat Video Games and co-founder (VR Flow Beat Beat Saber Behind); VC Cdcamp In the early stages. TechStars Accelerator Prague CREDO Ventures VR Wive; And mixed producers actually create splitters.

Starting in 2016, LIV is betting that VRS is representing a completely new platform, new platforms, in which there are emerging ecosystems where the most important alternate options are.

Apart from this, there are no signs of regression while watching games on the Internet – becoming standard through websites like Twitch – the experience of the viewer has not been safely passed for VR.

“Creating Virtual Reality Content is very difficult, there are no tools to do this, and there is no Partial Form factor which tells the experience of being in Virtual Reality,” says L.V. Co-founder AJ Chevaki, Death “.

“Liv enables developers and creators to develop their audience with engaging VR content.

Our developers integrate our SDK, so manufacturers can make use of the LYY app to create content with games and experiences that are mixed Reality Capture (MRC) is called content format.

The experience of capturing Mixed Reality is essentially more than stated by the written statement (you will see an example below).

However, what the MRC does in the first place, inject the existing video or alternatively, the online game stream has three-dimensional rendering of the participant’s body so that the viewer’s experience is not only the acquisition of the participant (the first traditional perspective of the VR) Ho.

Compliance with “real life” work done by the participant to execute the attacks within the game.

When a participant kills his arms, for example, his incarnation can be seen to replicate similar attacks on the basis of the knowledge of the sensor obtained from the participant’s VR equipment.

It has the ability to look carefully and perhaps one of the best players who have made the game of online transmission very standard.

Shawki argues, however, that moving forward for VR was initially a step in this regard because it requires a new knowledge to stop the gap between the participant and the viewer.

Says Shevaki, “The LIV app gives the tools to sign up, or launches as one of the favorites in any of the 100 favorite games.”

“LIV basically provides facilities like broadcast chats, broadcast alerts, landscape controls and camera controls in the headset using our custom-built 3D overlay system (which is already a rare resource in virtual reality).

” LIV SDK Has been integrated by developers to create their Liv games. We also support unified and unrealistic custom engine as well, and we have integrated them all. ”

In the long run, Shewki says that she wants LIV not only to allow a large broadcast experience for residents, but to develop “real-time audience interaction platform” for company VR and video game builders Says.

The focus here is that after experiencing the live chat room at present, the VR audience can turn into individuals.

The idea, which is called “Liv Play” and is focused on the release of the closed alpha by the end of the 12-month period, which is happening inside the game and in real time, has the flexibility of the public to influence Provides, as the participant wants to kill more or more monsters once when buying a good dose. At least expect it.

“Our concept was: If we give viewers more attractive ways to participate, then they will do the same, through today, through chat, voting and donation,” Shevaki explains. We had a test with Beat Saber, leaving the crowd to replace cubes with bombs and donating more fun.

The results of our 120-day experience were very good. Week 1 and 2: 700% Top Revenue / Minute Through Top Post This fell to 300% increase / minute in 120 days, where it remained. ”

In different words: In the video game such as Fortnight, we have adopted the same monopolistic approach, and it is applied to the audience in front of explosive games. Sanki says, “Creativity is our only goal.”