The results of Batkura assembly by-election in Odisha will be on Wednesday. However, the result will not have a real impact on the state council’s constitution, but the effect will be tested in the Kandarpara region of Prime Minister Naveen Patnitik, of whom Pascura is a part.

The result of the only constituency of this constituency, which was voted on July 20 after being postponed twice, is monitored all over the state as one of the founding members of the election battle Patnaik and founder of Biju Janata Dal founder Bhagwati Mohapatra There is a fight of two decades. On the ticket of Bharatiya Janata Party

Four times MLC and one of the founders of BJP, Mohapatra was expelled from Patnaik by the party even before the 2000 general elections.

Since then, it is said that Patnaik had made it majestic to keep Mohabbat out of the assembly, since no single election has won.

Supporters of Mihabatra say that credit can be given to a large extent by the fact that Patnaik further assures that the former 68-year-old minister of Peugeot Government has been defeated positively in his former fortress.

Many people claimed that Patnaik Bukkura had gathered to postpone the polling, only to ensure that the mohabbat was severely ill on Prakash Agarwal’s bed and not benefited from the Lok Sabha and the BJP wave. .

The political effect of the decision to send Agarwal, who was admitted to the intensive care unit at a private hospital in the state’s capital, was obvious, especially when Patnaik seized more than 75 legislators, such as Ramesh Chandra Jio Patnaik, 76 Yogal Kishore Patnaik 80), Wool Susan Kumari Dio (82) and Jugendra Bihari (77), probably due to his age

In the end, the seat of the Batkura assembly fixed for April 29 was not kept because Agrawal had died nine days before the election.

The ECI then fixed the date of May 19 as a new polling date in Batkaura, but Hurricane Fanni attacked the state on May 3. The BJD sent Agarwal Sapretri’s wife to handle Mahapatra.

“The result of the Kendrapara bypoll, which was announced this afternoon, could not have any effect in relation to the formation of the government.

But two of the most prominent leaders, the biggest enemy, Naveen Patnaik and his trusted father Mashbad – A defeat for the Mahapatra (BJP) from power for two decades and failure in five consecutive elections will create their political career.

Even their victory will change the statement that Patnaik’s enemy can not rise to politics or can not succeed in electoral politics in the state “, Senior Political commentator Debi Mo says Hunt.

Since the expulsion from BJP, Mohabbat has had a hard time recovering his position in the state’s politics.

According to the reports of that time, Mihbat formed his party, Odisha Gana Parishad in 2001, which won 3 out of its four seats in the coalition with Congress; The only seat lost by the party was the Mahat Yatra.

Muhapatra later merged with his party NCP, but after the decision of the coalition to form a coalition with the BJP in the 2009 elections, he had to comply with his resignation.

He also made a difficult march with the BJP, where he had resigned in December 2018, but he was busy.

Bharatiya Janata Party returned to the party, and now becomes BJP leader, BJYMANAND PANDA.

Political insiders say that the frequent loss of Mahapatra has nothing to do with his political skills, and he is more concerned with them, because he is flirtating with Patnik’s hostility.

The Economist Times quoted the newspaper, “The truth is that Mahabhatta always worked as an independent claimant, even in 2009 when he competed for a BJP ticket and the party barely had one Cadre base. ” The ruling party takes the party alone. ”

This is the reason why many people believe that in the mohabbat many years the BJP has the best chance to win the election machine behind them.


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