India’s information technology industry is one of the key stakeholders in increasing trade relations between India and the United States because it contributes to the global operations of American companies and contributes to the creation of thousands of jobs in the United States, Indian The envoy said Harshavardhana Shringla said.

Shrungala on Tuesday said that Indian IT companies have invested billions of dollars in many US states.

The Indian Ambassador to the United States said, “Indian IT industry is a key stakeholder in promoting and strengthening strong bilateral trade relations between our two countries.”

He said that Indian IT companies have contributed to the competition of global operations of American companies.

“By doing so, he supported hundreds of thousands of jobs through direct, indirect and induced jobs in the United States.”

According to estimates, Indian IT companies invested more than $ 50 billion in the United States.

He said that companies are deeply rooted in the roots of American society and their contribution leaves the economy far behind.

Shrungala said that the movement of high skilled persons and Indian professionals in the United States through programs like H-1B was a mutually beneficial partnership.

He said there was a shortage of 2.4 million high-tech workers in the United States today.

In addition to the very low unemployment rate of less than three percent, there is a shortage of people with the necessary expertise and experience in this field.

He said that many Indian companies had promised to hire more people in the United States.

“For example, Infosys has programmed 10,000 US citizens in its operations, to campus on campus, to train and to equip the advanced technology profession, which they will join.”

In his commentary, Shringla praised the passing of a bill recently by the House of Representatives, in which green card is proposed to increase the maximum amount for each country.

This move is likely to benefit Indian IT professionals in the United States, he said: “This is an important initiative.”

This program launches new IHS market report on H-1B visas and global IT services industry.

The report includes a specialist analysis of issues faced by companies with the visa program and the discovery of industry, government workforce and STEM education initiatives.

NASCOM president Debjani Ghosh said that India’s technology companies contribute about $ 78 billion in sales, and that about 170,000 jobs are created directly by India by these technology companies, while about one million jobs were created indirectly. Are.

“About $ 16.3 billion wages are paid by these Indian-based companies in the US, while NASCOM contributes about 185 billion dollars in India’s figures, we directly contribute $ 28.2 billion and $ 7.7 billion in US GDP In the context of government taxes and federal taxes in the United States.

Archit Gupta, founder and CEO of ClearTax, says that the EPF provides interest to individuals by deducting the contribution under Section 80C of the account.

However, an employee can withdraw his employees, even if the period of employment is less than five years (60 months).

But remember, Income Tax (TDS) is deducted. However, after the five-year continuous service, when the PF is withdrawn, income tax will not be deducted. However, if PAN is provided in such cases, then TDS is deducted 10%.

Why Avoid Early Withdrawal of PF

The EPF also offers other benefits such as the use of money to buy equipment in case of natural and natural disaster damage, which employees can use as per your requirement.

The member also has the option to nominate family members to receive the money after his death and it should be aware that after removing the funds, it is only legal to withdraw money when he is unemployed for at least two months.

Be there The primary objective of the EPF is long-term investment and should be used only when the last option is available to the employee.


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