LIV, a Prague based company that wants to make VR games more enjoyable, and in close proximity with portable games and audiences, found $ 1 million in funding.

This is a fairly modest height as far as the unprecedented new precursor moves – and LIV is really unprecedented. However, there are notable names in the record of supporters, because Oculus’s founding father (and designer Oculus Rift), Palmer Lucky.

Various buyers of Liv Yaroslav Beck, CEO of Beat Video Games and co-founder (VR Flow Beat Beat Saber Behind); VC Cdcamp In the early stages. TechStars Accelerator Prague CREDO Ventures VR Wive; And mixed producers actually create splitters.

Starting in 2016, LIV is betting that VRS is representing a completely new platform, new platforms, in which there are emerging ecosystems where the most important alternate options are.

Apart from this, there are no signs of regression while watching games on the Internet – becoming standard through websites like Twitch – the experience of the viewer has not been safely passed for VR.

“Creating Virtual Reality Content is very difficult, there are no tools to do this, and there is no Partial Form factor which tells the experience of being in Virtual Reality,” says L.V. Co-founder AJ Chevaki, Death “.

“Liv enables developers and creators to develop their audience with engaging VR content.

Our developers integrate our SDK, so manufacturers can make use of the LYY app to create content with games and experiences that are mixed Reality Capture (MRC) is called content format.

The experience of capturing Mixed Reality is essentially more than stated by the written statement (you will see an example below).

However, what the MRC does in the first place, inject the existing video or alternatively, the online game stream has three-dimensional rendering of the participant’s body so that the viewer’s experience is not only the acquisition of the participant (the first traditional perspective of the VR) Ho.

Compliance with “real life” work done by the participant to execute the attacks within the game.

When a participant kills his arms, for example, his incarnation can be seen to replicate similar attacks on the basis of the knowledge of the sensor obtained from the participant’s VR equipment.

It has the ability to look carefully and perhaps one of the best players who have made the game of online transmission very standard.

Shawki argues, however, that moving forward for VR was initially a step in this regard because it requires a new knowledge to stop the gap between the participant and the viewer.

Says Shevaki, “The LIV app gives the tools to sign up, or launches as one of the favorites in any of the 100 favorite games.”

“LIV basically provides facilities like broadcast chats, broadcast alerts, landscape controls and camera controls in the headset using our custom-built 3D overlay system (which is already a rare resource in virtual reality).

” LIV SDK Has been integrated by developers to create their Liv games. We also support unified and unrealistic custom engine as well, and we have integrated them all. ”

In the long run, Shewki says that she wants LIV not only to allow a large broadcast experience for residents, but to develop “real-time audience interaction platform” for company VR and video game builders Says.

The focus here is that after experiencing the live chat room at present, the VR audience can turn into individuals.

The idea, which is called “Liv Play” and is focused on the release of the closed alpha by the end of the 12-month period, which is happening inside the game and in real time, has the flexibility of the public to influence Provides, as the participant wants to kill more or more monsters once when buying a good dose. At least expect it.

“Our concept was: If we give viewers more attractive ways to participate, then they will do the same, through today, through chat, voting and donation,” Shevaki explains. We had a test with Beat Saber, leaving the crowd to replace cubes with bombs and donating more fun.

The results of our 120-day experience were very good. Week 1 and 2: 700% Top Revenue / Minute Through Top Post This fell to 300% increase / minute in 120 days, where it remained. ”

In different words: In the video game such as Fortnight, we have adopted the same monopolistic approach, and it is applied to the audience in front of explosive games. Sanki says, “Creativity is our only goal.”


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