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Price increase in Pakistan as Imran Khan is struggling for the right economy

Price increase in Pakistan as Imran Khan is struggling for the right economy

About a year after Imran Khan’s election to power in Pakistan, which has become a cricket hero, the Prime Minister is facing increasing fury as a big goal – How does the South Asian nation have a failed economy? Be corrected

Pakistan is monitoring the balance of payments crisis before voting on July 25, and analysts have long warned that the new government should move forward quickly.

In his first speeches, Khan, who led a crazy country for cricket in the 1992 World Cup, campaigned for the promise of creating an Islamic welfare state, convinced the voters, and repeatedly said to him, “Do not panic. ”

Since then, the rupee has lost about 30 percent of its value and inflation is about 9 percent, and the increase is likely to continue.

“The price of tomatoes touches the sky,” 30-year-old Shama Parveen, who walked several kilometers in the extreme heat of Karshi to find cheap products. “Life has become harder.”

60-year-old Mohammed Ashraf, who sells henna, said, “I need to earn at least 1,000 rupees ($ 6.30) per day to cover my expenses.”

“These days I can not save 500 or 600 rupees … Sometimes I feel that if I get sick, how can I afford medication and treatment? I will die, I think.”

Analysts have warned that since Pakistan’s massive population is increasing for much more growth and it is expected to be 2.4 percent slow this year, the country is still short-term after IMF’s latest $ 6 billion loan sanction Ease will not be found.

Pakistan has a strong relation with the IMF, which he has saved many times before, and before getting into the fund, loan and investment of billions of dollars has been received from “Allied countries” including China and Saudi Arabia. But this was not enough.

Pakistanis have to face the penance of millions of poor people, who face the redundant demands of structural reforms of the poor and the penance of deep roots.

Traders started a one-day strike at the beginning of this month, and on Friday around 8,000 people marched in Rawalpindi to protest rising prices.

32-year-old Ayaz Ahmed of the university said in protest, “This government has failed completely.” It makes the country poor every day. ”

The mass demonstrations organized by the opposition parties have been scheduled for the first anniversary of Khan on Thursday.

But with growing dissatisfaction on social media, making fun of Khan’s promises with tactical viral videos, protests on the road remain a luxury for many people.

Nasim Akhtar, a spice seller in Karachi, said, “I can not lose even a day of profit.” Asghar Ali, assistant professor of economics at Karachi University, estimates that more than eight million people can go below the poverty line in the coming days.

He mentioned the Khan campaign against corruption, in which the opposition leaders and companies were “harassed” by the prison, due to which the “chaos” was.

For the head of the Islamic Banking Research Institute, Shahid Hasan Siddiqui, “The situation is worse than 1998 when the country had escaped international sanctions after the nuclear test.”

Taxation is the issue, he said. It is estimated that only one adult Pakistani population pays taxes.

The government of Khan is working hard to expand the tax base, but it is still to be seen whether the latest schemes put forth by the authorities will make a difference.

But Siddiqui said that Khan’s apology “allows the rich to finish their black money by paying only 1.5 percent.” “On the contrary, every poor man who buys the necessary item, pays 17 percent of the sale tax.”

In an article published in the New York Times, Pakistani writer Muhammad Hanif agreed that the poor people “look at hospitals or schools inside their taxes.”

However, Omar Farooq, an investment analyst of AKD Securities, said that the policies were “fair enough”.

“The real challenge for the government is how they will implement it,” he said. Meanwhile, disappointment increases.

In Karachi, 35-year-old vegetable seller Mohammed Omran said that he can not repay his debt now. “What should I do?

Robert Muller testified in a high-level hearing on the investigations of Donald Trump’s cooperation with Russia

Robert Muller testified in a high-level hearing on the

Finally, former Special Advisor Robert Muller confronted Congress investigators on Wednesday and testified on television television broadcast television sessions that Democrats hoped that prospects for the re-election of US President Donald Trump will weaken in those ways.

Long-running moler’s reports did not fail. Republicans are ready to defend Trump and instead Muller and his team can shoot.

Following the conclusion of its two-year investigation in Russia last spring, Muller’s first Capitol Hill appeared in an unusual scene for the prosecutor who debated a criminal investigation by the US president.

Muller, who is known for his inherent nature, warned that he will not go ahead with appearing in his report already.

The Justice Department has ordered him to stay strictly within those standards – Muller is giving formal instructions to tell if he does not want to face those questions.

On Tuesday, in the House of Representatives and Intelligence Committees, the Democrats agreed to request that their main ally Aaron Jibli sit with them on the table. Jabli is not expected to be sworn in for questioning by the judiciary.

But he will be able to answer the questions in front of the Intelligence Committee, where, as a colleague of the committee has said, he will be sworn in.

The assistant was not authorized to discuss the preparations for public hearing and was not asked to identify it.

Trump complained about Zeppelin’s existence on Tuesday night, “never.”

To be martyred, Muller’s approach can deprive Democrats of television moments in which they want to rally their base.

But Republicans are also likely to leave without confirmation that they need to investigate Russian investigations as a political waste of time.

Trump claimed indifference to Muller’s testimony this week, told reporters at Oval Office on Monday, “I will not see – maybe – I will see some of them.”

The president has a light timetable when Muller starts talking on Wednesday morning, then goes to West Virginia for an evening’s money.

According to four administration officials and Republicans of the White House, Air Force One is likely to be tuned to cover the hearing, and the President is expected to see or brief on most of the proceedings.

Speak on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the internal plans.

However, your former attorney does not have to say a lot about the effect of the quiet: simply will present the legal voice of his presence 448-page known as the Mueller Report.

His testimony – no matter how sporadic – will change from thick paragraph to simple English, a document, many of which are yet to emerge in America.

Muller can make a strong impression by emphasizing some provocative details of his report without any hesitation.

As a former FBI director who spent 12 years asking questions in the hearing, decades ago as a public prosecutor who had asked his own questions, Muller did not have anything that he would not want to say. In fact, they had to call to show in the first place.

The first hearing on Wednesday will focus on whether the President disrupted justice illegally by trying to control Muller’s investigation.

Your lawyer examined nearly a dozen episodes, including the expulsion of FBI director James Komi and his efforts to expel Muller himself.

Muller refused to clarify in his report whether the President had violated the law or not, saying that this provision would be inappropriate in light of the legal views of the Ministry of Justice, which prevents the prosecution of the current President.

The afternoon hearing before the House Intelligence Committee will immerse the relationship between Trump and the Kremlin.

On this question, Muller’s report recorded a series of contacts between Russians and Trump’s colleagues – including the Trump Tower meeting, which is expected to be received by Democrat President Hillary Clinton’s eldest son – but personal counsel Found inadequate evidence of a criminal conspiracy. The pick of the 2016 election

Prior to the Congress, like most Russian hearings, there is a possibility of a rapid split in this meeting on partisan basis.

Democrats are struggling to get Muller’s conclusions, including an attempt to check the trump repeatedly.

Even though the testimony does not inspire the demands of dismissal, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated that she will not try to isolate her at this time.

Democrats expect Moyer to clearly explain the questionable suspicious action.

On the contrary, Republicans are likely to face Muller on the basis of investigations by the Russian Federal Bureau of Investigation and whether it was opposed to the Trump campaign which led the early days of investigation.

Narendra Modi placed important gestures to include Bhutan from New Delhi

Narendra Modi placed important gestures to include Bhutan from New Delhi

India’s relations with Bhutan will continue to get strategic attention of the highest level from the Narendra Modi government.

It is now confirmed that Prime Minister Modi will make a two-day visit to Bhutan in early August. A fresh attention to Moody’s neighborhood took the Maldives in June, his first official visit after his re-election.

Moody’s visit to Bhutan offers a glimpse of the reconnect with neighboring areas of New Delhi as the China Road Belt Initiative (BRI) is preparing to replace strategic equations across Asia.

Bhutanese Prime Minister Lutei Shearing took part in the performance of his second term in the office.

Newly appointed Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar visited Bhutan on his first foreign trip in June. In addition to other projects, during Modi-Bhutan tour, there is a possibility of top-level projects such as Mangedchu Hydropower Project and a multi-lateral hospital agenda.

Moody can also open a satellite tracking center, which India has decided to make in China’s advanced satellite tracking station in the Tibet Autonomous Region as part of its countermakers.

In the year 2018 India and Bhutan witnessed 50 years of friendship. New Delhi is the closest diplomat for landing in Bhutan and the biggest donor of bilateral assistance.

Bhutan is also part of BIMSTEC and BBIN (Bangladesh – Bhutan – India – Nepal), two important regional and sub-regional cooperation groups in the areas surrounding India in relation to the geopolitical and geo-political interference of China by the Moody’s Government.

Are being developed. Due to the growing seriousness of SAARC due to “Pakistan’s problem”, the importance of BIMSTEC has emerged to secure its strategic area for India in South Asia.

In December 2018, when he reached New Delhi on his first official visit after becoming Prime Minister, India provided financial assistance worth Rs 4,500 crore to the 12th Bhutanese scheme. In the budget of Union 2019-2020, India allocated Rs 2.802 crores to Bhutan.

Apart from deep cultural and economic relations, the strategic importance of Bhutan for India underlines the fact that it is located in the Syllegar Pass or Chicken Nek, which is the only small corridor between India and its Far North-Eastern states.

And thus China Is part of India’s defense against the adventurous policies. India has often fought to ensure that China does not enter the country.

There is no formal diplomatic relationship between Bhutan and China, and Bhutan is one of two South Asian countries – India, too – with which there is a long border dispute with China.

China and Bhutan conducted a series of inconclusive talks on their disputed border, 24 talks have been held since 1984, which has provided a diplomatic forum to discuss and resolve the differences with neighbors.

However, no border talks between China and Bhutan can ignore India’s security interests.

Thanks to Moody’s Government, India has stopped taking Bhutan as a course.

Former Indian governments have shown very little interest in the small Himalayan kingdom, which primarily allowed New Delhi’s patriarchal attitude and primarily to destroy its relations with India due to the approach of carrot and stick to Thimphu, There was an outrage in Bhutan.

For example, in 2013, India was accused of fuel crisis in Bhutan by cutting subsidy on kerosene and cooking gas.

It is widely believed that India had done so to punish Bhutanese government for going to Beijing.

However, subsidy cuts have negatively impacted more than half of Bhutan’s population, while heating both the countries at the same time.

Almost immediately assuming the position, Moody Bhutan chose its first foreign destination in June 2014, and its visit dominates economic issues, including Bhutan’s rich natural resources and the need to develop hydro potential.

However, Moody was aware of China’s ongoing efforts to extend contact with Bhutan that the relationship of New Delhi had diminished with Thimphu.

His worst fears were received in June 2017 when the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) began to expand a route from Tibet to Doka, not to Bhutan. Bhutan had to face opposition from China’s move.

Since India was bound by the treaty to help overcome Bhutan’s security concerns under the terms of the 2007 agreement between the two countries, India has to send its troops to the disputed area and block the efforts of China’s financial control decided to.

Failure to follow the Chinese deadlock failed, but there was also the risk of furthering the conflict. New Delhi’s decision to send Indian soldiers in Doka is not decided by any regional claim, but with the intention of supporting the treaty with Bhutan.

Biplol represents the result of two decades old rivalry between Bijoya Mahapatra

Biplol represents the result of two decades old rivalry between Bijoya Mahapatra

The results of Batkura assembly by-election in Odisha will be on Wednesday. However, the result will not have a real impact on the state council’s constitution, but the effect will be tested in the Kandarpara region of Prime Minister Naveen Patnitik, of whom Pascura is a part.

The result of the only constituency of this constituency, which was voted on July 20 after being postponed twice, is monitored all over the state as one of the founding members of the election battle Patnaik and founder of Biju Janata Dal founder Bhagwati Mohapatra There is a fight of two decades. On the ticket of Bharatiya Janata Party

Four times MLC and one of the founders of BJP, Mohapatra was expelled from Patnaik by the party even before the 2000 general elections.

Since then, it is said that Patnaik had made it majestic to keep Mohabbat out of the assembly, since no single election has won.

Supporters of Mihabatra say that credit can be given to a large extent by the fact that Patnaik further assures that the former 68-year-old minister of Peugeot Government has been defeated positively in his former fortress.

Many people claimed that Patnaik Bukkura had gathered to postpone the polling, only to ensure that the mohabbat was severely ill on Prakash Agarwal’s bed and not benefited from the Lok Sabha and the BJP wave. .

The political effect of the decision to send Agarwal, who was admitted to the intensive care unit at a private hospital in the state’s capital, was obvious, especially when Patnaik seized more than 75 legislators, such as Ramesh Chandra Jio Patnaik, 76 Yogal Kishore Patnaik 80), Wool Susan Kumari Dio (82) and Jugendra Bihari (77), probably due to his age

In the end, the seat of the Batkura assembly fixed for April 29 was not kept because Agrawal had died nine days before the election.

The ECI then fixed the date of May 19 as a new polling date in Batkaura, but Hurricane Fanni attacked the state on May 3. The BJD sent Agarwal Sapretri’s wife to handle Mahapatra.

“The result of the Kendrapara bypoll, which was announced this afternoon, could not have any effect in relation to the formation of the government.

But two of the most prominent leaders, the biggest enemy, Naveen Patnaik and his trusted father Mashbad – A defeat for the Mahapatra (BJP) from power for two decades and failure in five consecutive elections will create their political career.

Even their victory will change the statement that Patnaik’s enemy can not rise to politics or can not succeed in electoral politics in the state “, Senior Political commentator Debi Mo says Hunt.

Since the expulsion from BJP, Mohabbat has had a hard time recovering his position in the state’s politics.

According to the reports of that time, Mihbat formed his party, Odisha Gana Parishad in 2001, which won 3 out of its four seats in the coalition with Congress; The only seat lost by the party was the Mahat Yatra.

Muhapatra later merged with his party NCP, but after the decision of the coalition to form a coalition with the BJP in the 2009 elections, he had to comply with his resignation.

He also made a difficult march with the BJP, where he had resigned in December 2018, but he was busy.

Bharatiya Janata Party returned to the party, and now becomes BJP leader, BJYMANAND PANDA.

Political insiders say that the frequent loss of Mahapatra has nothing to do with his political skills, and he is more concerned with them, because he is flirtating with Patnik’s hostility.

The Economist Times quoted the newspaper, “The truth is that Mahabhatta always worked as an independent claimant, even in 2009 when he competed for a BJP ticket and the party barely had one Cadre base. ” The ruling party takes the party alone. ”

This is the reason why many people believe that in the mohabbat many years the BJP has the best chance to win the election machine behind them.

The fall of the Congress-JD (S) government in Karnataka

The fall of the Congress-JD (S) government in Karnataka

After removal from life-support systems, a long term patient’s death is usually a neural mixture of sadness and comfort.

On Tuesday, the Congress in Karnataka is similar to the fall of the government of the Janata Dal (Secular Government), but it is not so.

The people of Karnataka are very satisfied because the thrill was being thrown.

There is also sadness, but it was not due to the demise of the government which was not already present in the context of governance.

If there is sorrow, then it is because no one knows what will happen next, except that the BJP will form the next government.

The collapse of coalition government after 14 months of its formation is not surprising. The surprise was that it lasted for a long time. It has been said enough about the error in it.

All this is wrong because it was formed by two unequal parties, which is nothing but the desire to keep the BJP out of power.

Although it is easy to see why it collapsed, it is difficult to imagine, at least in this time, how long will the new BJP government continue and what will store for Congress and JD (S).

What’s next in Karnataka

The only thing which is now very much confirmed is that Congress and JD (S) will soon publicly wash their dirty clothes more openly.

For the record, both the government blames the BJP’s horse trade for the collapse of the government, a charge can not be totally exempt from saffron. But soon, Congress and JD (S) will suppress the worst option for each other for the chaotic end of their government.

Advocate HD Kumaraswamy, his father and advocate of JD (S) HD Devegowda in HD Congress There is a possibility to stop the tears of Kumaraswamy’s excuse – how difficult it is to be a partner in the coalition for the state government – and with special emphasis on the Siddaramaaya starts to blame the party.

You can count on Gowda to hire Siddaramaiah to make your worst enemy away from secret government destruction.

It is only a matter of time to blame Siddaramaiah for losing the recent Lok Sabha elections and for her grandson. He said that first, but he will now say it with a sulfuric acid sound.

The need to maintain power forced the Congress and JD (S) to launch a unified fight against the BJP in the uncertainty of the last three weeks.

But the long-awaited fall of his government has come out from the remains of the last unit and raises questions about the need for their alliance, which is called “unholy” in humble language.

Before the general elections of May 2018, the two parties can return soon: Right-wing enemies are fighting for the same banks in South Karnataka, where they are strong.

In other words, Karnataka will return to bipolarity in triangular politics, and there is no need for political knowledge to predict that it will benefit the BJP.

Between the Congress and the Jedi Party (S), which party will benefit from this new matrix, it will still be very hasty to say, although it is likely to be the last force, in the same way as a feudal family of God Given the widespread dislike of walking in

It should not be a major setback if Gowda tribes communicate with the BJP to keep their options open for upcoming general elections or Lok Sabha elections in this process.

BJP stable government

Karnataka, no doubt, has become the latest example of the shame due to the neglectful loyalty of the legislators who corrupt the so-called business policy.

But, in the end, he was behind horse trading. Opponents refused to challenge the tragedy fired by two sides in power, thereby showing only the severity of MPs’ rebellion against the coalition and mistrust for its future.

The hatred from the outgoing government was so deep that many coalition leaders welcomed the end of their government for their future.

However, it was also a game of numbers, which threatens to completely brand new BJP government on the brink of greed and personal blackmail.

BJP president Siyodorababa will be the new prime minister with the lowest majority of the three members of the House of Representatives, their actual strength has decreased from 224 to 204, and 20 MLAs voted for votes while half of them were absent from the simple majority of 113 103.

Of the absent 15 MLAs, 12 belong to Congress and three belonged to JD (S), who resigned from the Assembly before the trust vote.

Even before this, what impact could be on the new government, it is a difficult question whether the rebels should be considered for resignation or they should be excluded under the disgruntled law due to the party’s whip.

In any case, you will find it difficult to keep Yeddyurappa happy because many of the BJP own ministers are ambitions.