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iSmart Shankar earns 45 crores at global level in opening weekend

iSmart Shankar earns 45 crores at global level in opening weekend

After several super-hit films, director Buri Jagannad finally released the bull with the latest release of Telugu iSemaret Shankar.

The movie made a huge box office debut with a total of 45 crores in the four day weekend.

Ismart Shankar saw the light on 18th July and pulled it on a strong starting day of Rs 13.5 crore with a distributed ranch of Rs.8.9 crore.

Ismat Shankar, who plays the lead role of Ram Botni, Nabha Nisha and Nidh Aggarwal, continues to establish cash records on the ticket window in the week of the week in Telugu states.

On Monday, according to reliable sources of business, the film received a premium of Rs 2.7 crore, resulting in global shares rising to Rs 29 crore.

The film produced by Puri Jagannad and Charmi Corps is the real reflection for the first time since his famous drama “Drama”, in which the role of Junior NTR was played in the lead role.

The value of dramatic rights around the world from Iismart Shankar is Rs 20 crores, and the film has already been declared as a wonderful film for business.

With the stability of the foot in cinemas on weekdays, the film rises to the status of dual films in which about 200% of the investment is recovered.

At the end of second week, the film will become one of Telugu’s most profitable publications for 2019 iSmart Shankar is expected to enjoy large number of performances in Telugu states till Thursday, where Vijay Devarkonda, Rashika Mandana, is in the premises of “Dear Comrade”.

Launched on 26th July with great expectations from the public and business.

Now, the total income of the five-day film in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is Rs 23.73 crore, in which Singh’s stake is 10.54 crore rupees.

The film earned a total of $ 226,610 (Rs.1.57 crore) in the United States, which is one of the strongest markets in Telugu. In the meantime, literary theft of Tamil actor J. Ochha against Puri Jagannad has made headlines in the last few days.

“When I went to see Ishtamart Shankar, I was shocked to realize that the story and concept was copied from my Tamil film, Naan Yar. I had already filed a complaint against Puri Jagannath and the Tamil Film Teachers’ Board. , But I could not reach there. ” .

Kian Vikram’s Kadam Kundan and Amala Paul Korn’s women-centric Amal Bowlus movie closed on July 19 at the Tien Box Office.

Kedaram Kundan achieved top position at the box office in Tamilnadu and Chennai City by the end of 19-21 July, while the number of Adai plays was expected from Disney’s The Lion King, which was second in Tennessee and Chennai.

Rajesh M. of Thongfanam Directed by Silvan and funded by Kamal Hassan for International Film Raj Kamal for films and tridents, Kandram Kundan earned an initial day of Rs 3.9 crore in Tennessee.

The initial week of the film is estimated to be 12.25 crore rupees in the state. The total opening of the Lion King Weekend was tied to Rs 10.3 crore, followed by Abhiai, which missed the morning and was delayed due to the last minute financial hiccup on Friday.

Samantha Akkini, a fictional comedy comedy oh baby, who earned more than Rs 30 crore in world revenue in two weeks’ games, by the end of the third week, a healthy total of Rs 38 crore was deposited. $ 8, 500 for $ 991,567 and $ 1 million of milestones in the United States.

The fourth Telugu film, which gets $ 1 million in 2019, will soon be released after F2: Fun and Frustration, Maharshi and Jersey.

Within 12 days of its release, the film shakes box office in Chennai and crosses the most expensive film made by India.

The total production of film in the state is now 19.03 crores, while the total life of Bahubali 2 is 18.85 crores. Commercial analyst Ramesh Bala said, “The total value of the life of Bahubali 2 in # # 2 city with 12 days from # 19.03 crore in the city is 18.85 million.”

Diljeet Dosanjh on Arjun Patiala, good news and how he got the ability to say “no” in Bollywood

Diljeet Dosanjh on Arjun Patiala, good news and how he got the ability to say no in Bollywood

Diljeet Dosanjh may be a little man but when it comes to his choice of films, then the star of Punjab wants to be high and clear: he will not say “yes” for any project, because it is a great motto and There is a big star.

Dosanjh entered Bollywood along with the acclaimed Punjab, followed by Anushka Sharma’s starrer Phillauri, along with the selection of other films, in which she received a tremendous appreciation of the life of Soma (vs Taspe Pannu), former Indian captain Ais Rajeev Singh.

“I started very early in a good career … first I was scared because I never played hockey and thought how people would react, but I got so much.

Until then, Comedian Rohit Jograj will appear in Arjun Patiala (July 26) with Craton San.

“Udta Punjab and Sorma were serious films, I did not have a fun comedy directed in the family, and this year there are three with my Punjabi Shat (release last month), then, good news (romantic comedy) also with Akshay and Kareena Arjun Patiala is a new kind of comedy, I have not even done this kind of comedy in Punjabi.

It is a different style that we try to do on one side, And on the other side laugh at myself I like the most in the film. ”

Dusanjya Arjun was not ready for Patiala, but he chose nuances with his police friends because he plays a role in the film.

“I have a lot of friends from the police, when I meet them, I only listen to them carefully and use them during filming, and when I wear my uniform, I only get my ID.

It can be said that two dozen Indian films are able to break the stereotype of portraying Sikh actors. Some years ago, no one thought that a Sikh-turbaned actor could be the main protagonist of Bollywood, but Dellgate put those doubts in a state of rest.

“See, I got a job in Bollywood because of Punjabi films due to my Punjabi film, Punjab 1984.

I got flying Punjab … I was contacted by the film director Honey Tran and I did not know anyone in the industry.

Abhishek (silent, director) read the whole story, not only on my side, but what was narrated and what was shot was exactly that.

“When I entered Bollywood, there was only one thought in my mind, I do not disappoint my fans who listen to my songs and watch my Punjabi films, they should not be surprised that the Indian film was needed.”

Good movie is a good Punjabi or Indian film. Instead of doing a bad Indian film, I would like to make a good Punjabi film, so I’m going to make a movie here, if it is good and not because the film is too big.

Once bitten twice, Dosanjh says that he was rejected by many films, after the Indian hug with the stars galaxy which was a disaster at the box office. Last month, some big films were rejected.

These movies can work but what do I do in these films? At first I thought that the producer would feel bad if I refused, and because of this fear I made a movie because the filmmakers were very impressive people.

Later, I had to face the results and gradually realized that good work is being done only after good work and I do not have to do this film.

We learn from our mistakes. I have no godfather, nor is there anyone who guides me. “I make mistakes, and I learn, so there is nothing wrong with it,” he says.

But is it difficult to say “no”, is it relatively new in the Indian film industry? At first I found it difficult but now no. I may have to face the consequences, I do not know, but do not worry because I have my Punjabi films.

I am not only dependent on Hindi films. As it is, the source of my main earnings is from my music and my performance. These days, I can not give enough time to sing due to filming and publicity, but I will never leave music. ”

Although Bollywood loves them, Dusja says they have more freedom to choose films at home.

“I am no longer in a position to choose roles in Bollywood, but I have more independence in Punjab because in my films in which I have worked with many of the director’s friends, so we do what we want but in Bollywood I It does not luxury.

South Indian producers are dying for remake rights of international blockbusters

South Indian producers are dying for remake rights of international blockbusters

While the filmmakers are shamelessly bringing out the visuals and major stories of foreign films, the latest promising trend is that the producers and directors of the Southern Film Industry are legally prepared to buy fertility rights and adopt creative origin Do not hesitate.

The “Ya Baby” created by Samantha Akkineni is the latest remake of the Korean drama “Miss Dadi”.

While many directors and producers are on the way to reaching the original makers for the rights to remake films, the makers of Miss Granny have come close to Samantha and Nandini Reddy so that they can adapt their film to Telugu.

Samantha told FirstPost, “Yes, what I have heard is true, Cros Pictures, owned by Miss Jeddah, has approached us.

In fact, we have reviewed him as a production partner of Oh Baby.” For those who do not know, Cross Pictures is the creator of the new Indian version of South Korean Assange film Amitabh Bachchan starrer T3N.

Since Oh Baby has become a popular movie, Cross Pictures plans are now to make the film again in Hindi.

Production company is planning to re-establish Miracle with director Umesh Shukla in cell number 7.

Cross Pictures customized it against the makers of Kannada Pushpa Vimana (2017) in a miracle without any financial agreement in cell 7.

Production companies such as Cross Pictures Suiting Producers who raise stories of no financial connections, will definitely be boring for lazy writers and directors who rely on foreign films.

Kamal Hassan’s Kamal Hassan films bought rights to remake French films in “Sleepless Night” and “Point Blank”. They succeeded in re-making all Tamil films such as Thonga Wanam and Kadamaram Kondon respectively.

Earlier, internet users had criticized Hassan for films like Avvay Shanmughari, Aanchi 420 and Anbe Sivam due to foreign equality for foreign films but now he is ready to buy remodeling and adapting rights in Tamil.

Vigye Anthony, which is based on the collagen, is based on the Japanese novel The Bhakti of Suspense X. It is worth noting that Geoffo Joseph’s film “Dreisham” was also based on the same novel, but the producer or director did not buy Renaissance rights.

However, due to the legal pressure imposed by foreign production companies, the Kolligaran manufacturers bought novel rights and also mentioned in the credit of the property.

Even before the outlined films, Sudhu Kabum-fame director Nalan Kumarasamy and CV Kumar bought a new Tamil version of the Korean film My dear Desperado and was adapted along with Vijay Sethupati and Madonna Sebastian in the form of Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum in Tamil.

Interestingly, Korean films work well at the box office in the South, while three French films – Thonga Phanam, Tuja and Kadaram Kundan (Descent Opening) have not got unanimous reviews. However, Telugu version of Thaipa was very popular at Opri box office.

Badge makers, who are also preparing a new version of the invisible guest, are reportedly taking heavy toll on the Tamil version’s rights, where steps are being taken to get permission from the original producers.

Workers of the industry say that Korean and Spanish producers are moving away from the trustworthy price of new rights, but Hollywood production can not be said to houses, which charge a bomb.

In an interview, Anil Kapoor said that Christopher Nolan was upset that AR Murugadoss and Aamer Khan were not given any credit in Ghajini on the basis of Memento.

So Hollywood director and producer are fighting the battle against regional filmmakers, but informal copies or shiny copies will continue. However, the promising tendency is that young filmmakers are keen to get legal legal reproduction rights if possible.

It’s not bad to talk openly on sex: Badshah

It's not bad to talk openly on sex Badshah

Badshas, ​​who have achieved a successful identity for successful songs such as “Chul”, Saturday-Saturday, “Dijewale Babu” and “Just So The Party Has Begun”, have started a new stay in the entertainment world.

The king will now be seen acting. Badshah is starting the acting role of ‘Khanadani Shafakhana’. Sonakshi Sinha and Faron Sharma play a key role in this film.

The film talks about many issues related to sex. The rapper’s king believes that “it’s not bad to talk freely with sex, unless you talk to sex freely, and how to understand gender problems.”

Sonakshi imposed on acting

In a private conversation with the BBC, the emperor said he was turning to acting.

He said: “I start acting with the film” Khanadani Shafakhana “before I made proposals for many Indian movies.

The first proposal for the Netflix web series” The Last Story “gave the skill to the roles, but then there was a lack of confidence in me and then I got a movie “Good news”, where I was given a character Diljeet Dosanjh.

Hesitant about personal

The king says he was already nervous about acting.

“I was given such characters, different from my character, like Vicki Koshal, who could not keep his wife happy,” he says, “and the film was a character in the good news, So, now there is something similar in the film, I thought, what is written on my face, because I give all these characters.

They must do and then be rejected without time and said yes to the film.

What is the subject of the film

The king believes that talking to sex is a lot of people, but that’s not true.

“Our film Khanadani Shafakhana has been told that only sex will be talked about, we have tried to talk about many important issues related to sex, and it is not wrong to talk about sex, until then, how will we solve the gender problems?”

Clear film

According to the king, there is talk of sex in his film, but it can be seen with the whole family.

It’s a very stressful comedy that focuses on some important issues.

According to the king, the film also looks for relationships. The relationship is that of the mother and daughter of the mother.

He says that even before this film, there was talk about these problems in the film Vicky Donor and Shubhamangal wedding.

According to the king, he gave tips to act with Diljeet Dosanjh Diljeet said, “As you are, stay in similar films.”

The film is directed by Shelby Dasgupta. While producers Boshan Kumar, Mingip Singh Lamba and Mahfir Jain

Khenandani’s film is released on August 2.

“It is sad how people can benefit from the difficult times of the family in their favor, if there is any kind of confrontation in the family and then the sister has the law of this country,” said one member of the Roshan Ihsan Roshan family.

“This is a very difficult time, and I ask these people to be sensitive and not to behave like eagles.

“As a member of this family, I can say that I know Sunina, a very interested and unfortunate woman, I respect the difficult times of the family, every family goes through this way, and I tell this truth to this fact, why is this happening in a dangerous situation? NKI I have been a member of the family for a long time.

Sunaina Kangana supported her long conflict between Kangana and Hrithik in this interview.

“I recently asked for assistance from Kangna because it is a symbol of women’s power, and I do not know what happened to her and her brother, but it is right that there is no smoke,” she says.

“Two years ago, when she received a national award, I sent a message to him, but Kangana sent me a message saying that I should not be a friend of mine because of my family and I should not even call him.

The controversy comes before Hrithik when he is busy promoting his movie Super-30. At present, Hretik and his family have not responded to Sonia’s allegations.

Do you want to come to Kangana Ranaut politics of nationalism

Do you want to come to Kangana Ranaut politics of nationalism

Like the queen of Jhansi who ride the bandwagon movement, suppressed cronyism and nepotism and criticism that came her way, but recently, with the expression of her ideas about the media, people did not know when she came out of Manikarnika’s character, Bobby became “Jismetal Ki Kya.”

Well, he’s the best artist, but real life and the Kangana and his ideas can be tried to understand.

From Kangna in a private conversation with the BBC, we talked about all these differences, caused by criticism.

On July 7, during the promotion of “Doomsday”, a press conference was held in Andere, Mumbai, where many journalists attended.

What was the disagreement

At this press conference, Ekta Kapoor, producer and co-actor of Kangana Rajkumar Rao and film director Prakash Kovalamudi also attended.

The interviewing session began when the PTI journalist, speaking to Kangana, did not even begin to suggest that Mike was involved in that reporter.

Tell the journalist sitting on the stage. Justin, you have become our enemy, you write a lot of bad things, what do you think of the dirty?

Upon hearing these allegations, the journalist asked for innocence by telling Kangana about the article she was very angry with, but Kangana was silent again.

The journalist accused him of making a big star without any pressure, and then moved something from one thing to another.

Some of the journalists there have also raised Kanjana’s behavior, and in some cases things have become somewhat quiet.

Kangana banned

Subsequently, the Indian Press Entertainment Foundation banned the Kangna Syndicate, which also received support from the Mumbai Press Club, the Press Club and the Indian Press Council.

After that, Kangana released two videos on Twitter and attacked the media and also sent a legal notice.

“It’s stupid to be a national”

On the issue of nationalism, Kangna said that in films, films such as Dawn, Abu Salem and addicts are produced, and there is no harm in them, but if anyone makes a film about the queen of Bhagat Singh, Jija Bai, Chhatrapati Shivaji or Jhansi, It is “jingoistic”.

They say that portraying India’s gems heroes is wrong, that their story should be disclosed and anyone should be held responsible. “I do not have any problem being national, being a national is not a shame,” she says.

Is it foolish to be a national

Asked that Bollywood is notorious for the fact that it is like the government in India, their ideology is formed, does Kangna maintain its national ideology only because the current government confirms nationalism?

On this question, he said that he had already conducted his views on nationalism before the elections of Luc Sabha this time.

So can we see Kangana in politics in the future

In response to this question, Cangana says that the film she received in the film industry can not be expected in her policies.

The film world has given them a meaningful platform to speak in their own words. They do not see their future in politics.

Kangana on the video released on Twitter

In the video that was shared on Twitter, Kanagana says: “I have released two videos, the first of which was explicitly stated in the video that I am not against the media that performs its duties but these media against those who join me with the movie mafia, are writing against me.”

Kangna believes that some media are joining in collaboration with people who favor relatives in Bollywood and travel with them online and always write against them.

He also complains to the English media that they make fun of him because of his Indian language.

Do not digest criticism

Nowadays, why have Bollywood artists become intolerant by reading their criticisms? If a journalist is reviewing a film, why not criticize? In these questions, he said: “No one should object to a bad film review, but I want to go over the name of the film review.

When asked about the Kangana of the media, she was not willing to make friends in her industry because of joining a lot of differences, she said that there are many people who love her in the industry and she has many friends like Anupam Kher Kieran Good and director Ashwani and his family.

Ranguli and his fans

When we asked about the tweets of his older sister Rangoli, we talked about Taby’s simple goal, where Taby sang him the movie “Judgmental What.” Rangoli wrote that a copy of Taby Kangana did.

Cangana, on behalf of her sister Ranjuli, said Tabasi had said nothing fair about him. Said that Taby had once said that “Kangna needs a double candidate.”

Kanjana said Taby had been told about the favoritism of Bahai favoritism that the cry of favoritism in Bahi, which he had cried for and had no work.

Kungna was seen talking about several issues in an open manner. During the interview, Kangna said she was listening to the heart and was also angry.