About a year after Imran Khan’s election to power in Pakistan, which has become a cricket hero, the Prime Minister is facing increasing fury as a big goal – How does the South Asian nation have a failed economy? Be corrected

Pakistan is monitoring the balance of payments crisis before voting on July 25, and analysts have long warned that the new government should move forward quickly.

In his first speeches, Khan, who led a crazy country for cricket in the 1992 World Cup, campaigned for the promise of creating an Islamic welfare state, convinced the voters, and repeatedly said to him, “Do not panic. ”

Since then, the rupee has lost about 30 percent of its value and inflation is about 9 percent, and the increase is likely to continue.

“The price of tomatoes touches the sky,” 30-year-old Shama Parveen, who walked several kilometers in the extreme heat of Karshi to find cheap products. “Life has become harder.”

60-year-old Mohammed Ashraf, who sells henna, said, “I need to earn at least 1,000 rupees ($ 6.30) per day to cover my expenses.”

“These days I can not save 500 or 600 rupees … Sometimes I feel that if I get sick, how can I afford medication and treatment? I will die, I think.”

Analysts have warned that since Pakistan’s massive population is increasing for much more growth and it is expected to be 2.4 percent slow this year, the country is still short-term after IMF’s latest $ 6 billion loan sanction Ease will not be found.

Pakistan has a strong relation with the IMF, which he has saved many times before, and before getting into the fund, loan and investment of billions of dollars has been received from “Allied countries” including China and Saudi Arabia. But this was not enough.

Pakistanis have to face the penance of millions of poor people, who face the redundant demands of structural reforms of the poor and the penance of deep roots.

Traders started a one-day strike at the beginning of this month, and on Friday around 8,000 people marched in Rawalpindi to protest rising prices.

32-year-old Ayaz Ahmed of the university said in protest, “This government has failed completely.” It makes the country poor every day. ”

The mass demonstrations organized by the opposition parties have been scheduled for the first anniversary of Khan on Thursday.

But with growing dissatisfaction on social media, making fun of Khan’s promises with tactical viral videos, protests on the road remain a luxury for many people.

Nasim Akhtar, a spice seller in Karachi, said, “I can not lose even a day of profit.” Asghar Ali, assistant professor of economics at Karachi University, estimates that more than eight million people can go below the poverty line in the coming days.

He mentioned the Khan campaign against corruption, in which the opposition leaders and companies were “harassed” by the prison, due to which the “chaos” was.

For the head of the Islamic Banking Research Institute, Shahid Hasan Siddiqui, “The situation is worse than 1998 when the country had escaped international sanctions after the nuclear test.”

Taxation is the issue, he said. It is estimated that only one adult Pakistani population pays taxes.

The government of Khan is working hard to expand the tax base, but it is still to be seen whether the latest schemes put forth by the authorities will make a difference.

But Siddiqui said that Khan’s apology “allows the rich to finish their black money by paying only 1.5 percent.” “On the contrary, every poor man who buys the necessary item, pays 17 percent of the sale tax.”

In an article published in the New York Times, Pakistani writer Muhammad Hanif agreed that the poor people “look at hospitals or schools inside their taxes.”

However, Omar Farooq, an investment analyst of AKD Securities, said that the policies were “fair enough”.

“The real challenge for the government is how they will implement it,” he said. Meanwhile, disappointment increases.

In Karachi, 35-year-old vegetable seller Mohammed Omran said that he can not repay his debt now. “What should I do?


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