Finally, former Special Advisor Robert Muller confronted Congress investigators on Wednesday and testified on television television broadcast television sessions that Democrats hoped that prospects for the re-election of US President Donald Trump will weaken in those ways.

Long-running moler’s reports did not fail. Republicans are ready to defend Trump and instead Muller and his team can shoot.

Following the conclusion of its two-year investigation in Russia last spring, Muller’s first Capitol Hill appeared in an unusual scene for the prosecutor who debated a criminal investigation by the US president.

Muller, who is known for his inherent nature, warned that he will not go ahead with appearing in his report already.

The Justice Department has ordered him to stay strictly within those standards – Muller is giving formal instructions to tell if he does not want to face those questions.

On Tuesday, in the House of Representatives and Intelligence Committees, the Democrats agreed to request that their main ally Aaron Jibli sit with them on the table. Jabli is not expected to be sworn in for questioning by the judiciary.

But he will be able to answer the questions in front of the Intelligence Committee, where, as a colleague of the committee has said, he will be sworn in.

The assistant was not authorized to discuss the preparations for public hearing and was not asked to identify it.

Trump complained about Zeppelin’s existence on Tuesday night, “never.”

To be martyred, Muller’s approach can deprive Democrats of television moments in which they want to rally their base.

But Republicans are also likely to leave without confirmation that they need to investigate Russian investigations as a political waste of time.

Trump claimed indifference to Muller’s testimony this week, told reporters at Oval Office on Monday, “I will not see – maybe – I will see some of them.”

The president has a light timetable when Muller starts talking on Wednesday morning, then goes to West Virginia for an evening’s money.

According to four administration officials and Republicans of the White House, Air Force One is likely to be tuned to cover the hearing, and the President is expected to see or brief on most of the proceedings.

Speak on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the internal plans.

However, your former attorney does not have to say a lot about the effect of the quiet: simply will present the legal voice of his presence 448-page known as the Mueller Report.

His testimony – no matter how sporadic – will change from thick paragraph to simple English, a document, many of which are yet to emerge in America.

Muller can make a strong impression by emphasizing some provocative details of his report without any hesitation.

As a former FBI director who spent 12 years asking questions in the hearing, decades ago as a public prosecutor who had asked his own questions, Muller did not have anything that he would not want to say. In fact, they had to call to show in the first place.

The first hearing on Wednesday will focus on whether the President disrupted justice illegally by trying to control Muller’s investigation.

Your lawyer examined nearly a dozen episodes, including the expulsion of FBI director James Komi and his efforts to expel Muller himself.

Muller refused to clarify in his report whether the President had violated the law or not, saying that this provision would be inappropriate in light of the legal views of the Ministry of Justice, which prevents the prosecution of the current President.

The afternoon hearing before the House Intelligence Committee will immerse the relationship between Trump and the Kremlin.

On this question, Muller’s report recorded a series of contacts between Russians and Trump’s colleagues – including the Trump Tower meeting, which is expected to be received by Democrat President Hillary Clinton’s eldest son – but personal counsel Found inadequate evidence of a criminal conspiracy. The pick of the 2016 election

Prior to the Congress, like most Russian hearings, there is a possibility of a rapid split in this meeting on partisan basis.

Democrats are struggling to get Muller’s conclusions, including an attempt to check the trump repeatedly.

Even though the testimony does not inspire the demands of dismissal, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated that she will not try to isolate her at this time.

Democrats expect Moyer to clearly explain the questionable suspicious action.

On the contrary, Republicans are likely to face Muller on the basis of investigations by the Russian Federal Bureau of Investigation and whether it was opposed to the Trump campaign which led the early days of investigation.


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