After removal from life-support systems, a long term patient’s death is usually a neural mixture of sadness and comfort.

On Tuesday, the Congress in Karnataka is similar to the fall of the government of the Janata Dal (Secular Government), but it is not so.

The people of Karnataka are very satisfied because the thrill was being thrown.

There is also sadness, but it was not due to the demise of the government which was not already present in the context of governance.

If there is sorrow, then it is because no one knows what will happen next, except that the BJP will form the next government.

The collapse of coalition government after 14 months of its formation is not surprising. The surprise was that it lasted for a long time. It has been said enough about the error in it.

All this is wrong because it was formed by two unequal parties, which is nothing but the desire to keep the BJP out of power.

Although it is easy to see why it collapsed, it is difficult to imagine, at least in this time, how long will the new BJP government continue and what will store for Congress and JD (S).

What’s next in Karnataka

The only thing which is now very much confirmed is that Congress and JD (S) will soon publicly wash their dirty clothes more openly.

For the record, both the government blames the BJP’s horse trade for the collapse of the government, a charge can not be totally exempt from saffron. But soon, Congress and JD (S) will suppress the worst option for each other for the chaotic end of their government.

Advocate HD Kumaraswamy, his father and advocate of JD (S) HD Devegowda in HD Congress There is a possibility to stop the tears of Kumaraswamy’s excuse – how difficult it is to be a partner in the coalition for the state government – and with special emphasis on the Siddaramaaya starts to blame the party.

You can count on Gowda to hire Siddaramaiah to make your worst enemy away from secret government destruction.

It is only a matter of time to blame Siddaramaiah for losing the recent Lok Sabha elections and for her grandson. He said that first, but he will now say it with a sulfuric acid sound.

The need to maintain power forced the Congress and JD (S) to launch a unified fight against the BJP in the uncertainty of the last three weeks.

But the long-awaited fall of his government has come out from the remains of the last unit and raises questions about the need for their alliance, which is called “unholy” in humble language.

Before the general elections of May 2018, the two parties can return soon: Right-wing enemies are fighting for the same banks in South Karnataka, where they are strong.

In other words, Karnataka will return to bipolarity in triangular politics, and there is no need for political knowledge to predict that it will benefit the BJP.

Between the Congress and the Jedi Party (S), which party will benefit from this new matrix, it will still be very hasty to say, although it is likely to be the last force, in the same way as a feudal family of God Given the widespread dislike of walking in

It should not be a major setback if Gowda tribes communicate with the BJP to keep their options open for upcoming general elections or Lok Sabha elections in this process.

BJP stable government

Karnataka, no doubt, has become the latest example of the shame due to the neglectful loyalty of the legislators who corrupt the so-called business policy.

But, in the end, he was behind horse trading. Opponents refused to challenge the tragedy fired by two sides in power, thereby showing only the severity of MPs’ rebellion against the coalition and mistrust for its future.

The hatred from the outgoing government was so deep that many coalition leaders welcomed the end of their government for their future.

However, it was also a game of numbers, which threatens to completely brand new BJP government on the brink of greed and personal blackmail.

BJP president Siyodorababa will be the new prime minister with the lowest majority of the three members of the House of Representatives, their actual strength has decreased from 224 to 204, and 20 MLAs voted for votes while half of them were absent from the simple majority of 113 103.

Of the absent 15 MLAs, 12 belong to Congress and three belonged to JD (S), who resigned from the Assembly before the trust vote.

Even before this, what impact could be on the new government, it is a difficult question whether the rebels should be considered for resignation or they should be excluded under the disgruntled law due to the party’s whip.

In any case, you will find it difficult to keep Yeddyurappa happy because many of the BJP own ministers are ambitions.


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